Types of fixation of prostheses to implants


How to visualize for a patient the types of structures on implants with partial adentia?

This is one of the main tasks of the Dental Bot 3D desktop application. A unique visualization system allows you to create a model with a dental defect inherent in a specific clinical case. The patient will be able to see the display of the defect of their row of teeth on the desktop screen and go to select solutions together with the doctor. At the stage of installing implants, you can determine their position on the jaw, as well as view videos and photos on the topic of implantation. The menu with detailed information also contains a description of this technique. The program visualizes not only the position of implants, but also the shape of the gums that will be formed at the implant exit site to achieve maximum aesthetics in the area of prosthetics.

At the next stage, the system offers to select the type of prosthetic structure on implants, and namely the type of fixation of the denture. This page contains additional menus with detailed information about each type of fixation of the implant to the denture, video clips and photo sliders. This content helps the doctor to explain to the patient which type is best to use for their dental problem. This stage is very important because patients who have not previously experienced implantation, in most cases, do not fully understand how the structure on implants works. And they often do not know that the implant is only a part of the structure and after its fixation, it is also necessary to manufacture abutments and dentures.

After selecting any type of denture, the system allows you to go back a step and make another choice, immediately visualizing the result. The system allows the doctor to disassemble the entire structure in small details and show the patient each one. And also to demonstrate how each component is combined with other details and what function it has. Show the patient what each type of structure might look like and how they differ from each other. Such a function within a specific clinical case is only possible in the Dental Bot 3D application as its structure is based on 3D formula of human teeth, which is a unique development of the company specialists.

At the next stages of creating a rehabilitation plan, you can clarify the details of the prosthetic structure and go to save the planning result. At the last stage, use the menu with a description of additional techniques that may be needed for prosthetics on implants.

Save this clinical case to the cloud database of patient consultation results. Create documents with rehabilitation plans for the patient and links for viewing 3D formula by the patient outside the clinic. Use the saved data when the patient is consulted again. Visualize the saved clinical case using the record in the doctor's panel and edit it by creating new options for prosthetics on implants.

Enjoy the application and improve business processes in your clinic. Create a new level of service for your clients with the Dental Bot 3D program.