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Adaptive and intuitive
3D formula
Cloud storage of
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Dental Bot 3D is a dental desktop application designed to improve communication between the dentist and the patient. The app is an interactive information and training panel adapted for the independent work of patients.

Dental Bot 3D


- to visualize treatment plan options;
- to motivate the patient to chose a practical design;
- to provide an image-based approach in working with clients;
- to make efficient sales of treatment plans;
- to reduce patient consultation time.
Description of diseases and methods of prosthetics
Educational and motivational videos
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Simple and intuitive interface adapted for self-study by the patient. The patient can independently define the problem that he/she wants to consult the doctor with and find solutions using the Dental Bot 3D application. The Dental Bot 3D system gives the patient a choice, but at the same time, recommends the most modern and practical methods of treatment and rehabilitation. The dental application Dental Bot 3D is a virtual consultant and is able to independently hold preliminary patient consultation in the clinic, thereby saving the doctor’s time.
Dental bo 3D is an indispensable assistant to dentists during the patient consultation process. The application allows patients to visualize in 3D the stages of the treatment and prosthetic structures inherent in the clinical case. In addition, the system allows doctors to clearly demonstrate why they recommend a particular method of rehabilitation. Thanks to this modern approach to consultations, patient trust and compliance to dentists increases significantly.
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Dental Bot 3D system

Dental Bot 3D - is a system linked by cloud storage of preliminary treatment plans. This approach allows the patient to visualize the materials saved by patients during independent work with the application, and to continue the consultation. The system involves using at least two devices, one of which is located in the waiting room and the second in the dental office. The concept of online consultant Dental Bot 3D is that the application begins to consult the patient before the visit of the dentist. After calling the patient, the tablet remains in the waiting room, and the doctor has the opportunity to continue the consultation in his office using another device and plans saved by the patient.


Prosthetic module

(implantation, fixed and removable prosthetics)

Aesthetic module

(veneers, restorations, etc.)

Also in the near future it is planned to release modules:

Orthodontic module

(aligners treatment, types of braces, etc.)

TMJ module

(split therapy)

Therapeutic module
Periodontic module

Unique features: 3D patient card

Allows you to visualize in 3D mode a specific clinical case and options for rehabilitation plans.

Watch 3D Clinical Model

Dental Bot 3D system usage diagram

The publication page contains articles and educational content related to patient motivation and clinical case visualization. Dental Bot 3D

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