How a patient can independently use the Dental Bot 3D app


Can a patient independently use the Dental Bot 3D application for consulting and getting information?

The main philosophy of the Dental Bot 3D desktop application is that it can be used both by doctors to work with a patient and by patients on their own. The interface of the program contains simple and understandable phrases that will be available not only to specialists. The step-by-step structure of the application does not allow you to get confused, but allows you to get information and answer questions in a dosed way moving from step to step. At the same time, the patient has the opportunity to get information relevant to their clinical case at each stage.

The Dental Bot 3D program is an interactive training platform that the patient can use as an open book to study their dental problems and ways to solve them. Using tips and training content, the user, even without special professional knowledge, begins to understand how to use a panoramic X-ray or a mirror to correctly define their problem at the very first stages. After the problem was defined and visualized, the patient is offered ways to solve it using the most relevant methods, as well as alternative options.

The application is built on the use of visual content for a better perception of information. Almost every step of the program contains a number of videos and photos. This content makes it easy for the patient to independently perceive information.

In order to prevent the user from getting confused, each page has a support button that contains a video that allows you to decide on actions on this page. Such a structure of the application and the content provide the most simple and intuitive process for the patient to independently work with the application.

Patients can work with the application in the clinic using tablets or information desks in the waiting area. The key idea of the joint use of the Dental Bot 3D system by a doctor and a patient is that the patient begins consultation and problem definition independently using the program. After exploring the ways to solve the problem and selecting one of them, the patient can save one or more options in the cloud database of clinical case while still in the reception area. When the patient meets the doctor in the zone of conversations, the doctor can visualize the preliminary rehabilitation plan saved by the patient in the program on their device and continue the consultation.

The idea of creating the application is based on the concept of joint use of the application by the patient and doctor. For this purpose, the basic version of the product includes the ability to use the application on two devices in the clinic and the cloud database of patient consultation results. This is a flexible philosophy that clinic owners and marketing specialists can develop in their own way to create the company's distinguishing features and improve the service.

Start using the Dental Bot 3D system for working with your patients to create an image-based approach to working with clients.