Online presentation of treatment plans using the Dental Bot 3D app


How to make an online presentation of a treatment plan using the Dental Bot 3D application?

Online presentation of treatment plans is one of the most pressing issues in modern dentistry. With the development of medical tourism, the geography of patients in clinics is expanding and there is a need for resources that will make it possible to create presentations of rehabilitation plans. Also, online presentations create an additional service for clients, which is very important in the modern world of IT technologies. The Dental Bot 3D system is ideal for these purposes.

As the virus threat rises, the reduction in the number of patient appointments without losing company income is one of the most important tasks for clinic heads. The Dental Bot 3D system allows you to turn this inconvenience into an advantage and thereby reducing sanitation costs and saving the time resources of the company specialists.

Using this application, the dentist can prepare several visualizations with patient rehabilitation options in advance, save them in the panel with treatment plans and use them for visual demonstration of prosthetic structures.

It is very easy to do this using the step-by-step form of creating a rehabilitation plan and saving the planning results in a special section. Any plan can be visualized and edited to save additional treatment options. This approach provides maximum convenience when creating visual 3D visualizations and saves the preparation time for presentations.

You can present a treatment plan to the patient remotely using resources that allow you to make online calls with the ability to share a screen.

There are two ways to build presentation content. The first is to create a basic plan and edit it in front of the patient adding and changing techniques of prosthetics and components. At the same time, saving plan versions for further discussion or demonstration. The second way involves the use of previously prepared links that can be opened in a browser and quickly switch from one visualization to another. These links can also be transferred to the patient and allowed to independently explore them after presentation for making a decision.

Also, use the function of creating PDF documents that can be transferred to the patient after the presentation and used as the results of an online consultation.

The methodical use of the concept of program will significantly save the dentist's preparation time for the online presentation of the treatment plan to the patient, as well as make it more effective. Use the Dental Bot 3D program to expand the geographical coverage of your clinic's services and sell treatment plans more effectively.