Motivational content of the Media Library module


Motivational content of the “Media Library” module.

 In many cases, the patient is not ready to make a decision or approve a treatment plan due to a lack of understanding of the measures and procedures aimed at completely eliminating the dental problems with which they consulted the dentist.  The “Media Library” module was created in the DentalBot application to improve communication between the dentist and patient and to quickly search for visual material.

This module contains over 1000 photos, videos and photorealistic 3D visualizations developed by Colleagial Studio specialists. The content has motivational and educational function and allows you to visualize all the main modern types of treatment, prosthetics, as well as auxiliary techniques aimed at patient rehabilitation.

There is a quick and easy access to all content by searching and navigating to the relevant subsections. All sections are combined into thematic blocks:

- prosthetics (prosthetics on implants, bridge prosthetics, removable prosthetics);

- aesthetic restorations (veneering, restorations with crowns, restorations with composite materials, tooth styles);

- therapeutic dentistry, treatment of teeth (filling of teeth, canals, diseases of teeth and gums, treatment methods);

- orthodontics (types of braces, aligners, auxiliary systems and techniques);

- joint treatment, mouth guards (joint diseases, methods of using mouth guards, split therapy)
- periodontics (gum disease, gum treatment).

The content is divided into 3 groups: Videos, Photos and 3D visualizations. The sections have an easy search across all content, which provides quick access during negotiations with patients.

There is a button for access to all the content of the Media Library at all steps of creating a Treatment plan, in the sections with thematic content. This feature allows you to find additional information at any stage of discussing a treatment plan. When you go back, you will be taken to the same step of creating a treatment plan from which you navigated to the Media Library.

Use the motivational content of the “Media Library” section to improve communication with the client.