How to motivate a patient for implantation if he is convinced of the correct choice of a removable denture


How to motivate a patient for implantation if they are convinced of the right choice of a removable denture with partial adentia.

It is very easy to do this using the Dental Bot 3D app.

First of all, it is necessary to visualize the clinical case in order to demonstrate to the patient a worthy alternative to removable denture. Then the removable structure, which the patient sees as the optimal solution in their case. The program allows you to simulate online the state of the oral cavity of a particular patient and possible options for prosthetics so that you can discuss the rehabilitation plan with them in detail. The Dental Bot 3D application allows you to quickly and easily create visualizations of any prosthetic structure or clinical case.

At the last stage of creating the visualization, demonstrate to the future client the bulkiness of the removable structure. Use the comments on this structure as a base of arguments for selecting a more practical technique of prosthetics. Tell the patient about the negative consequences of long-term use of the removable denture using motivational content. And offer a worthy alternative. At the request of the doctor or patient, the visualization of the removable denture can be saved before exploring an alternative structure. In order to visualize a saved clinical case, it is necessary to go to the doctor's panel, where the entire database of saved patient consultation results is located.

After visualizing this clinical case, you can go to explore an alternative solution. In this case, the best alternative to removable prosthetics is implantation. The step-by-step form of working with the interface of the program allows you to quickly simulate the structure on implants demonstrating additional motivational and explanatory content at each step.

At the last stage of creating the visualization, show the client a comment on the resulting structure, which will confirm the correctness of this decision. Demonstrate to the patient possible additional procedures and techniques that may be required during the implantation process:

- surgical template;

- sinus-lifting;

- bone grafting or bone block grafting;

- gingival plastic surgery ;

- orthodontic treatment to create a place for implantation when teeth are displaced towards the defect.

Save this version of the treatment plan. Save and print options of rehabilitation plans for the patient on paper. Create an active link for the patient to view the 3D treatment plan and send it to them using any messenger or email. Give the patient the opportunity to explore options for prosthetics outside the clinic, as well as consult with family and friends.

Be sure that such a high-tech and image-based approach to working with the patient will bear fruit and the patient will return to your clinic with the most obvious decision.