How to use saved patient consultation results


How to use saved patient consultation results?

The Dental Bot 3D app contains a very important page that is designed only for use by the clinic staff, namely doctors and administrators. It is called the “Doctor's panel” or “Database of patient consultation results”.

You can log in to it only by entering your username and password on a special page. You can call it on the homepage of the application by clicking on the button in the top right corner. After logging in as a doctor or administrator, the panel is accessible from any page of the application. You can go to it using the button on the left side of the interface. After exiting the doctor's panel, the button for logging in disappears on all pages of the program, except for the basic one.

You can create, get or edit login information for this panel from the company account management page on the website. Here you can also create additional accounts to get new keys or delete irrelevant ones. Thus, the head or company manager can control access to the database of treatment plans for individual employees without changing the main usernames and passwords.

The panel contains the entire database of saved clinical cases that were created in the patient consultation process. Any treatment plan saved in this panel can be visualized in the program and go to edit. This function helps when the patient is consulted again or when creating alternative rehabilitation plans.

Using the “Create PDF” function, you can create a two-page document describing the rehabilitation plan, which can be printed and handed over to the patient. The document contains empty fields and tables that the doctor can fill in with records and notes manually. After generation, the files are saved in a special folder on the desktop, which is created automatically.

Another very important function that will help to conduct online consultations or remotely transfer treatment plans to patients for making a decision is to create a link to view a 3D treatment plan through a browser. You can create a link in a saved record with the consultation result and send it via any messenger or email. This function can be used after each consultation of the patient and send them a link so that they can think about rehabilitation options outside the clinic, make a decision or consult with family and friends.

This function is unique and only used in the Dental Bot 3D application.

Be sure that using the tools of the Dental Bot 3D system will highlight the high technology of your company and provide an image-based approach to working with clients.