Digital patient consultation protocol using the Dental Bot app.


For the initial consultation of a patient who is planning prosthetics, implantation or aesthetic rehabilitation, the following steps must be taken using the Dental Bot application:

1) Visualize the pathology to the patient using the appropriate section (prosthetics or restorations). Use a panoramic image or an objective examination to determine the type of pathology.

2) Visualize and save options for rehabilitation plans.

3) Familiarize the patient with possible procedures and additional treatment methods by demonstrating motivational and introductory content from the "Media Library" section.

4) Create PDF documents with options for rehabilitation plans and print on paper for the patient.

5) Use the function Smart invoice to create a preliminary estimate of the cost of treatment and generate a PDF invoice for printing.

6) Create links for viewing a 3D rehabilitation plan by a patient outside the clinic and send it to him via messenger or email.

This protocol will help dental clinic owners to implement a digital way of managing dental projects from the moment a patient visits the clinic for the first time. Also, the digital protocol of patient consultation will provide a unified and systematic approach to the work of specialists within the clinic.

Use this digital protocol to introduce an image-based approach to client work and increase the number of patients returning to continue treatment at your clinic.

Increase the number of clients who have opted for implantation over alternative, less practical prosthetics by using digital technology.