How to visualize a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for a patient using the Dental Bot 3D app


How to visualize a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for a patient?

A modern image-based approach to working with a patient implies a high level of communication at the stage of consulting and selecting prosthetic and restorative structures. This level implies the use of high-tech digital visualizations. That is what the Dental Bot 3D application was developed for.

The Dental Bot 3D system contains an orthopedic and aesthetic module. The orthopedic module is aimed at visualizing prosthetic structures with partial or full adentia. The aesthetic module, in turn, is designed to demonstrate various techniques of restoration of dental crowns and improve gum aesthetics. But in most cases, patients need not only prosthetics of missing teeth, but also restoration of other teeth to achieve a complete finished result. Modern dentistry is designed for a comprehensive approach to patient rehabilitation and it is very important that the client has the opportunity to explore all the details and get acquainted with the amount of work of specialists on a specific clinical case.

Using a unique 3D formula, the Dental Bot 3D system allows you to create visualizations of large-scale total rehabilitation using all modern techniques of prosthetics and restorations.

Let's look at the way of creating a visualization of a clinical case using the implantation techniques together with aesthetic rehabilitation of the patient. For this purpose, it is necessary to select the section with partial adentia in the prosthetic module. After that, it is necessary to specify all the missing teeth. On the page for selecting the type of prosthetics, it is necessary to specify the implantation. Specify the positions of implants and show the patient the stage of creating a support for the future denture. Select the type of denture on implants and visualize the appearance of the future structure in detail with the ability to view each component separately. Specify the suspended teeth between crowns, if any. At the next stage, specify the teeth that will be covered with crowns. After that, the teeth that will be used to restore with veneers. At the last stage, it is possible to make connections between the crowns and suspended teeth. The visualization of the comprehensive rehabilitation plan is ready! Use the visualization and demonstrate to the client all the details of the future structure, as well as the volumes of preparation of the teeth that will be restored. Use the menu with additional motivational and explanatory content to demonstrate additional techniques that may be needed for implantation and prosthetics.

Save this and other versions of  rehabilitation structures for further creation of accompanying documents and links for viewing the treatment plan by the patient outside the clinic. Add to the database of consultation results for use when the patient is consulted again. Take full advantage of the Dental Bot 3D system to improve business processes in your dental company. Improve the quality of patient consultation with our products