Dental Bot 3D

Tool for sale dental treatment plans

Software for Windows and macOS
Visualizations treatment plans
Financial plans treatment. Smart Invoice
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What will the doctor get if use Dental Bot 3D:

  • A tool to visualize treatment plans in 3D in minutes

  • Base of arguments for working with a patient

  • Fast calculation of the cost of treatment plans

Our product is already used by clinics:


What can a doctor give a patient with software Dental Bot 3D:

  • Branded PDF treatment plan with description, illustrations and options
  • Cost calculation on a branded document
  • Ability to view the treatment plan created by the doctor in 3D on a phone or personal computer outside the clinic

What will the owner of the clinic get, if he implements Dental Bot 3D

  • Customer retention tool
  • Increasing the income of the clinic due to greater patient motivation
  • Improving the quality of the initial consultation, introduction of digital technologies at the consultation stage
  • Improved conversion rates for first-time patients and patients who became clients of the clinic
  • Marketing tool reflecting company's customer focus
Includes prosthetics on implants, bridges and removable prosthetics
Treatment of teeth with varying degrees of caries. Canal treatment in case of inflammation of the pulp, as well as in case of unsuccessful treatment earlier.
Visualization of types of restorations for different types of smile. Gingival plastic.
Types of orthodontic anomalies. Visualization of the treatment of malocclusion. Modern methods of orthodontic treatment.
Bone structures. Visualization of bone augmentation techniques. Sinus lifting.

Dental Bot 3D is a system product

Dental Bot 3D has integration with the system, which allows for patient management after the initial consultation.
The system allows you to:
  • save patient data;
  • create step-by-step interdisciplinary treatment plans;
  • conduct presentations of ready-made treatment plans;
  • control the dates of admission of patients;
  • make calculations of the cost of treatment plans;
  • do payroll and expenses.


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